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Abhay Nerurkar's Personal Web Page

My Treks
My Favorite Links


Welcome to my personal web page.

I am Abhay Nerurkar and I am living in Pune, India.
My site is about the treks I did and the places I visited. I have narrated some of my experiences here. In some places, I have placed the photos also. Hopefully, these narrations will be useful for you to plan the trek/trip at that place.
My site is having two sections:
1. My Treks: Here I have listed some of my treks.
2. My Favorite Links: Here I have listed some of my favorite links.
Currently, I have activated very few trekking links. I'll be activating rest of the links as and when the compilation of the trek is complete. That is why, this site will always be under construction.
I would like to know your feedback about my site.
You can mail me at: