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I believe all of us studied languages in our school days. I still remember some of the beautiful poems like "Stopping by the Woods" & "Nilgiris" of my childhood days. With the inspiration of those great poets who gave such wonderful poems, I am trying to share one of my latest and beautiful experiences in the best possible way. Let's get started with the "Journey to Heaven" - My journey with my friends to New Hampshire, a state in USA. It's an unforgettable journey to a place, which I think everyone should dream to see in their lifetime. We went there in mid October to see and experience the fall colors. There was a board just before entering the New Hampshire state – "Welcome to New Hampshire – Live Free or Die".
The place according to me is the heaven on earth. The calm flowing water, the chirping sounds of birds and the beauty of the fall colors are beyond my words. The colors of nature made me crazy – red, brown, orange, golden yellow – each tree is wearing a different attire of its own. Five hours of drive made me tired by the time we reached there. But the first stop itself rejuvenated my energy and I started expecting more and more. Like the actual contents of a book are revealed only after turning pages beyond "Table of Contents", the beauty of that place was revealed once we continued our journey further. I was never disappointed in the whole trip except the only time when I had to leave that place. I thought of staying there forever…forever…but then it struck my mind that nothing is constant…the fall season takes away the whole beauty of the place with it. I decided to move on, go ahead in life, go back to my roots and come back to see the green leaves in the spring that gives birth to a new beginning. The lifecycle continues and our life continues.
Everything comes to an end they say! I would like to end this here for now. I'll be back with my new experiences. This journey is like a re-birth for me.

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