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Atlantic City

Monday, 29-May-06, we had holiday of Memorial Day. Three days straight off, it's been long weekend for us. Amit Wasnik was coming at our place all the way from San Diego, California to move around New Jersey and New York. So, I was quite excited for this weekend. Mandar was planning to shift to his new home that Saturday. But because of our plan, he postponed it till Sunday. But, he decided to move some of his luggage on Saturday only. So, me, Mandar and Prashant loaded Mandar's 3 huge bags and newly purchased TV into car and went to Woodbridge Village, Rahway, where Mandar was going to shift. As the person from the rental office was out of office, we waited outside the office for 1 hour. Finally, she came at 12.30, we took apartment keys from her and unloaded the luggage into the apartment. We came back home at 1.30 and had lunch. Satya and Shailesh were running late, so we had to wait for them. By that time, we watched the movie 'The Core' on TV. They came at around 3.15 and we left for Atlantic City at 3.30 pm. Prashant was in his car with Amit, Mandar and Deepali. Me and Shailesh were with Satya in his Toyota Prius, a very luxurious car.

Atlantic City is famous for its Casinos and is popularly known as 'Las Vegas of East'. Its in New Jersey state itself towards south, around 120 miles from our place. We took Garden State Parkway. Its a highway going to Atlantic City and Philadelphia from New Jersey. The road was full of cars, all going to Atlantic City to enjoy the long weekend. We reached there at 5 pm. We decided to go in Taj Mahal casino, so parked the cars in the casino building. The building has several floors. The casino is on third floor. Rest floors are used only for parking. The casino is owned by the famous billionaire Donald Trump. There were hundreds of slot and poker machines. Most of the machines were occupied by people. I gambled on slot machine for $5. No need to say, I lost them all. I couldn't deared to put more money on such foolish thing. Same was the case with others. So, we moved out of the casino to a road called Broadway Walk.

Broadway Walk is a big road built just next to the seashore, only for pedestrians. The road has several stalls where you can play games to win few dollars or gift articles. These are the typical games we have in Indian fairs. Some of the games were basket the ball, and win cute teddies, Shoot the balloons and win a bicycle, etc. On the same road, there's a fun fair with several breathtaking rides. We sat in a ride called Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster. It was really breathtaking. Then there's a ride called Rocket, where two person sits in a round ball, open from all sides, the ball is tide to extensible ropes from both sides. The pressure has been put on the ropes and suddenly the pressure is released. This works like rocket launching. So, the ball gets thrown into air with enormous speed. Its goes several feets up, comes down. It again goes up because of the extensible ropes. This continues for several times. None of us had guts to sit into it. But we enjoyed the several launchings from some distance.

Then we went on sea shore. As name of the city itself suggests, that's the Atlantic ocean. The water was freezing cold and there was fog everywhere. We couldn't see anything inside the seas beyond few meters. In such a freezing water, two boys were doing wind surfing. That's really crazy. After that, we did shopping for some time. Its 8.30 pm by that time, so we went into a hotel for dinner. It was a Thai hotel. I ordered Thai fried rice. It was prepared using peanut oil, and was no so good. After dinner we started for our back journey at 10 pm. There was a big traffic jam in city, so it took about an hour to reach up to highway. We reached home at 12.30 midnight. In all, it was nice experience of the Atlantic city.

Click here to see photos of the trip.