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I had been to Goa a few years back and passed through Konkan while going there. It was about the same time of the year. The rains had just got over and it was all green everywhere and the valleys full of mist. The nature on the way was so gorgeous that those scenes got etched in my memory forever. Since then I was always looking forward to visit Konkan again. I had never seen a "village" in my life so when I heard about this picnic, I thought here is my chance, and I did not want to miss it - at any cost! I guess it was Abhay who suggested this place and I knew that if that is the case, satisfaction is guaranteed :) Purely because he has traveled so much. The planning was quite good and mostly done by abhay, anup and PKG. I added my two cents though by suggesting the idea of an Email with a backdrop of beach and reviewing the content! The stage was set and on Friday, I was praying that nothing comes in the way.

Day I:

The fact that I was looking forward to it was evident as I reached Deccan before time! The start was good and junta at the back was fully charged. Antakshari and pack of cards kept us busy throughout the journey. PKG was a bit of a surprise when I saw him remembering lyrics of a lot of songs. I was amazed at the enthu Swati had..she was talking non-stop once she started. Finally it took a murder mystery (novel) to stop her :-) Abhay promised to take me around the village. Sunil added to my knowledge by telling me about the places on the way. We also noticed that the narrow road where hardly one vehicle could pass (in one direction) was infact actually a state Highway, but were glad to see the US style sign SH -7 at the start of that road.

We reached the place well past noon and were quite hungry. The moment I stepped down of the bus, I sensed that I was at the right place and I am going to have a good time. Got fresh and came back for lunch. The food was simple but very tasty. I like the pineapple flavored sheera a lot. Me and Sunil even went and passed on our compliments to "Annapurna" - owners wife - I dont know her real name :-) As a result of that (probably) I got an extra serving of tea the next morning - without asking :)) After such a wonderful lunch what was required was a quick nap and I helped myself. Got up at 3PM and got ready to go to the beach. On the way I picked up a round fruit which I was told was Supari (pophli). The walk to the beach was short and Swati was prompt to point out the change when there was sand beneath our feet instead of normal red (?) soil. The sight of the beach was a treat and what was good was the fact that it was clean and there were not many people there.

All of us enjoyed the time spent on the beach. Usually its the time when a child in you comes out though I must confess that I got a little conscious a couple of times :-) Me and Reshma played "Donkey". I know she'll not accept, but she dropped more than six catches :-)) She has a good arm and does well with high catches though! Jui, Sunil and Swati joined later. People played Lagori and some of them preferred to just lie down in water. The sunset was awesome! A small rainbow to the left of us added more colour. Had a nice shower and went for a walk with Sunil. There was no electricity (load shedding) and the number of stars that one could see increased manifolds. Had dinner. Food was delicious and I was hungry too. After a small discussion, it was decided that ppl play cards, though some preferred going back to the beach. Those who went back to the beach had good stories to tell ! People were tired and some of them preferred going to bed at 12:30, while others (me included) continued with the game of Challenge till 2:30 AM. Heera's husband and dibyendu ensured that we all had fun!

Day II:

Reshma and Nitu (Rajiv's wife) ensured that we got up in time. We roamed through the village and then on the beach. I liked a couple of bunglows - Later I was told about the price and I said "Change of Plans"! But I would have seriously loved to buy a wadi or two! Collected some shells as an "Aathvan" for Dive Agar! Checked out of the place at about 11, went to the Suvarna Ganapati temple. The journey upto Harihareshwar brought some beautiful sights of shore. Reminded me of Australia!! The visit to the temple was followed by an adventurous pradakshina. The board at the start of the steps mentioned that the entire pathway gets flooded with water (sometimes) during high tide. That must be quite a thing!

On our way, Abhay told about a spot that we missed and me, Jui and Abhay decided to climb. The view that we got at the top was worth the toil. I was tired to bits. I could see Jui's face going Red. Mine and Abhay's would have got "Brownier" ! Did some bird watching (ones with feathers) where Jui added to our knowledge by telling us about their names. Had a nice lunch where Sandeep freaked out on Papads. I liked the Kairichi Chatni - I had it for the first time.

On the way back, people were mostly tired, though a few at the back tried their best to keep the bus noisy. Stopped in between for tea and then the bus dropped us back at Deccan at about 8:30.

It was a nice outing - one I'll remember for a long time !!