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Just want to share the experience of Tata Infotech (people from a few projects) trip to Dive agar and Harihareshwar. It all started with an IP message from someone saying that "An overnight picnic has been planned to Dive agar and Harihareshwar on 26th, 27th. Are you in?" I couldn’t resist saying "yes" as I had longed to visit these places for a long time, plus, the sea has always been a great attraction to me. In the usual hectic schedule, a weekend away from Pune was also very welcome. As Ajit had to attend a friend’s wedding, I decided to go alone. Once I decided to go, I started making others ready. Tried with Pooja, Shailaja, Jyoti, Rajni, etc, but was finally successful to convince only Swati.

On 26th, the bus started pickups from Chichwad and came to my stop at 8 a.m. The bus left Pune with all 26 people (plus, 3 kids) at around 8:15, only 15 minutes late than the scheduled time, which was a big achievement in itself. Soon after everyone got settled, we started with Antakshari. It was fun with Sunil at one side and Sarika at the other, plus all the guys to make the songs as "besur" as they could. Sarika’s husband added more flavor to it by Marathi songs. Within two hours everyone suddenly realized that they were hungry, so we stopped at a small hotel in a village called "Vile". After a long wait of about an hour, we finally got poha, misal-pav and tea. Meanwhile, Sarika’s sons and Hira’s son entertained all of us. In the remaining journey, some people started playing cards while some people including myself preferred to get a nap. I woke up when we reached Dive agar at 1:30.

We had booked accommodation in a private resort named "Anandyatri". We were 7 girls and 19 guys. The girls got 2 rooms and guys got 2 big halls. Both Swati and I were pretty impressed with a room. It was much better than our expectation, with a double bed and attached bathroom. After having a nice, homemade lunch, we debated for a while about whether to go to beach immediately or after some time. It was too hot outside, so finally we decided to have tea at 3:30 and then proceed for the beach. Meanwhile, we roamed around the Wadi, having trees of Narali and Pophali in the resort itself. It was very calm, quite and relaxing. We walked down to beach around 4 o’clock. The beach is amazing. It’s a very wide, shallow beach, nice for swimming. After enjoying in water for a while, we got tea at the beach itself. Then Swati and I walking along the beach, gathering sea shells. The others got engaged playing lagori, ball, etc. After the walk, we joined Sachin and Reshma in playing catch-catch with a tennis ball.

The Sun started to set and it made a wonderful display of colors on the sky. It was beautiful orange-red color spread over the sky and watching its reflection in the sea made me think of a school poem: "Avadato maj afaat sagar athang pani nile, nilya jambhalya jalaat keshar sayankali mile". It was almost pitch dark when all of us finally decided to go back. It took us a while to make sure everyone in the group is with us. (It was so dark we couldn’t even recognize each other). Moreover, there was no electricity in the town because of load-shedding, so it was quite an adventure reaching to the resort.

After dinner, some of us (Reshma, Amit, Sunil, Sachin, Swati, and I) enjoyed chatting and playing cards. Sarika and her husband joined us after they successfully made the kids go to sleep. Some of the enthusiastic public again went to the beach in night for some time, and then joined us for cards afterwards. We went to sleep around 12:15 with plans of morning walk.

Next day morning, 4-5 of us took a nice long walk in the town and again reached the beach. Some of us were already in the water. We preferred to walk along the beach for some time. After having a breakfast, we got ready to start for Harihareshwar. On the way, we visited the Suwarna Ganesh temple, where a gold idol discovered in the town in 1997 is kept. It was a nice idol, much bigger than I had expected. The scenery along the road from Dive agar to Harihareshwar was marvelous. We could see the sea continuously. There was such a beautiful beach near a village Aarvi, I just wondered how come nobody knows about it, because it was looking untouched, nobody on the beach. For a moment, we didn’t believe we are in India. We visited the Harihareshwar temple, which has a beautiful Pradakshina marg giving the scenic view all along.

After completing the Pradakshina, Sachin, Abhay and I went to a spot which Abhay had mentioned as very-much worth visiting. It was like climbing a small hill and then you can see the sea-water all over. We got quite late and everybody clapped when they saw us coming back. Someone asked jokingly, "eLog ka issue resolve hua kya? We thought it was a status meeting of eLog." That was just a joke. Everybody was very hungry. We had already ordered for a lunch at a house nearby. They served us on banana leaves. As the trip was ending, we took some group photographs before leaving and then started the journey back.

It was quite quiet in the bus, everyone was very tired and sleepy. We stopped at the same place for tea where we had breakfast the last day. Everyone got refreshed with the nap and tea, so it was Antakshari time again. We reached Pune around 9 p.m., with a wonderful experience and lot of sweet memories to share with.